Monday, August 6, 2007


Paul Komba Pessima was born in yengema Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district in Nimikoro chiefdom. In his childhood for years he had a fascination for things electrical. His curiosity with toils and other machines like radio and electronics circuit made him became awarded of his gift in technology. Paul Komba Pessima is a senior at the Koidu secondary school majoring pure Science subject like further maths, general moths, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, agriculture and economics. Uncouthly his line of interest is to become an engineer, to help promote just mining policies.

Paul is the assistance youth representative of iEARN Sierra Leone pilot project in Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district. In 2005 he was trained in soft were application programs during iEARN, s yearly summer school programs. He was also part of the organizing comedy responsible for planning and implementation of iEARN Kono’s outreach project. To his credit iEARN saw a successful outreach project, debate among schools, musical performance, dreamer, radio discursion and the certification of youth participant. In 2006 he attended the UFPA sponsored State of world’s population titled ‘moving young’. He also attended a Government and other donors supported program Youth parliament titled ‘Reproductive health of the young’ in 2007.

Paul’s unrelenting portions for the blood diamond town in Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district, is quite cleat in his vision to see many child miners and motherless street children leave a life of toil and hardship to engaging in educational programs to give them hope that all is not lost.> Paul’s hobbies include interest in technology, watching fusion, surfing the internet, dreamer and writing poems. For issues relating to street children, child miners, STIs, and the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Thanks for taking your time.

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