Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The youth in Kono. As over 95% of there houses were burnt during the 11 years rabble conflict and most of their properties were stolen, a lot of human right abuses took place. Children's right were abuse and they were also used to fight, kill, taking armful drugs, trafficking and a lot more.Women were also used as SEX slaves, miss used and abuse of their right in diverse ways, and also victims of death. A lot of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 and above were the most vulnerably to SEX as they were called "sweet 16" and were forced to be wives of commanders etc. Now after the war many of them faces problems with birth, over production and they can not take proper care of their children (can not send them to school, no Popper dress and care). It also exposes children from 10 to 16years to a lot of abuse (sealing, doing odd Jobs to find living for them selves, caring the blind and victems of to beg in the street, children and child MINERS which is common in the most DIAMOND furious district of KONO which provides over 60% of the country's diamond. There is not adequate JOB facilities for youth, Mining companies are Not responding to there commitment. see more post later.

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