Monday, August 13, 2007


Hi guys, always try not to lose your temper particularly in times of stress.......and then life will be worth living after all....A long time ago in China ,a girl named Li-Li got married & went to live with her husband and mother-in-law. In a very short time, Li-Li found that she couldn't get along with her mother-in-law at all. Their personalities were very different, and Li-Li was angered by many of her mother-in-law's habits. In addition, she criticized Li-Li constantly. Days passed, and weeks passed. Li-Li and her mother-in-law never stopped arguing and fighting. But what made the situation even worse was that, according to ancient Chinese tradition, Li-Li had to bow to her mother-in-law and obey her every wish. All the anger and unhappiness in the house was causing Li-Li's poor husband great distress.Finally, Li-Li could not stand her mother-in-law's bad temper and dictatorship any longer, and she decided to do something about it! Li-Li went to see her father's good friend, Mr. Huang, who sold herbs. She told him the situation and asked if he would give her some poison so that she could solve the problem once and for all. Mr. Huang thought for awhile, and finally said, "Li-Li, I will help you solve your problem, but you must listen to me and obey what I tell you." Li-Li said, "Yes, Mr. Huang, I will do whatever you tell me to do." Mr. Huang went into the back room, and returned in a few minutes with a package of herbs. He told Li-Li, "You can't use a quick-acting poison to get rid of your mother-in-law, because that would cause people to become suspicious. Therefore, I have given you a number of herbs that will slowly build up poison in her body. Every other day prepare some delicious meal and put a little of these herbs in her serving. Now, in orderto make sure that nobody suspect you, when she dies, you must be very careful to act very friendly towards her. "Don't argue with her, obey her every wish, and treat her like a queen." Li-Li was so happy. She thanked Mr. Huang and hurried home to start her plot of murdering her mother-in-law. Weeks went by, and months went by, and every other day, Li-Li served the specially treated food to her mother-in-law. She remembered what Mr. Huang had said about avoiding suspicion, so she controlled her temper, obeyed her mother-in-law, and treated her like her own mother.After six months had passed, the whole household had changed. Li-Li had practiced controlling her temper so much that she found that she almost never got mad or upset. She hadn't had an argument with her mother-in-law in six months because she now seemed much kinder and easier to get alongwith. The mother-in-law's attitude toward Li-Li changed, and she began to love Li-Li like her own daughter. She kept telling friends and relatives that Li-Li was the best daughter-in-law one could ever find. Li-Li and her mother-in-law were now treating each other like a real mother and daughter. Li-Li's husband was very happy to see what was happening. One day, Li-Li came to see Mr. Huang and asked for his help again She said, "Dear Mr. Huang, please help me to keep the poison from killing my mother-in-law. She's changed into such a nice woman, and I love her like my own mother. I do not want her to die because of the poison I gave her." Mr. Huang smiled and nodded his head. "Li-Li, there's nothing to worry about. I never gave you any poison. The herbs I gave you were vitamins to improve her health. The only poison was in your mind and your attitude toward her, but that has been all washed away by the love which you gave to her."HAVE YOU REALIZED that how you treat others is exactly how they will treat you? There is a wise Chinese saying: "The person who loves others will also be loved in return." God might be trying to work in another person's life through you. Send this to your friends and spread the POWER OF LOVE.Remember, if you delete this mail nothing will happen. No one will die or fall sick. But... if you send it to others you may change their life. After all you have got nothing to lose but a lot to gain. "A candle loses nothing if it is used to light another one “

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DROUP OUT OF SCHOOL, POVERTY CAUSES A LOT OF UNWANTED PREGNACY. MY NAME IS PAUL KOMBA PESSIMA STUDENT OF IEARN SIERRA LEONE KONO BRANCH. A lot of school girls has fall victim of unwanted pregnancy due to poverty. most of the school girls has engage them selves in prostitution in other to provide them money to solve their basic needs. Most of them lost their parents during the ten years brutal sensless civil war. Some of them lost their care taker othes lost their jobs, so now unable to take care of them and their family. Most of them lost their bread winners of the family. So now most of the children are the bread winners of their family. So because of all this most of them engage them selves in prostitution in other to sustain their family and this is commonly practice here in kono because there is only two organization that engage up to 300 people in job in the whole district these are the bike renters association that is running motor bike as transportation (okada man) and the Diamond mining companies. This is the reason why people are afraid to protest against the companies. People are forced to accept the company that is only seeking their own intrest not the enveronmental probleams. Because it provide job for some of some youth in the district. The youth tried to protest against the company and they were sent to prison. The entire chief has no voice because agreement is made by only the center government and do not seek the intrest of it citizen. A lot of other problems affecting youth causing girls to become pregnated and some are force to marriage to rich man in other for the man to help them. Would the future of the youth be spoilt because of poverty? Who next will be a lamp to lead kono from the dark and make his people smile? I am afraid the future of the youth is at stake. The country is growing a lot of uneducated youth. And youth are afraid to do HIV/AIDs test because they suspected them selves to be positive. Sexual transmitted deases are commonly spread within people in kono district and no proper care for them, so the risk of HIV/AIDs is high. Who will lead kono tomorrow if the youth are uneducated?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The youth in Kono. As over 95% of there houses were burnt during the 11 years rabble conflict and most of their properties were stolen, a lot of human right abuses took place. Children's right were abuse and they were also used to fight, kill, taking armful drugs, trafficking and a lot more.Women were also used as SEX slaves, miss used and abuse of their right in diverse ways, and also victims of death. A lot of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 and above were the most vulnerably to SEX as they were called "sweet 16" and were forced to be wives of commanders etc. Now after the war many of them faces problems with birth, over production and they can not take proper care of their children (can not send them to school, no Popper dress and care). It also exposes children from 10 to 16years to a lot of abuse (sealing, doing odd Jobs to find living for them selves, caring the blind and victems of to beg in the street, children and child MINERS which is common in the most DIAMOND furious district of KONO which provides over 60% of the country's diamond. There is not adequate JOB facilities for youth, Mining companies are Not responding to there commitment. see more post later.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Paul Komba Pessima was born in yengema Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district in Nimikoro chiefdom. In his childhood for years he had a fascination for things electrical. His curiosity with toils and other machines like radio and electronics circuit made him became awarded of his gift in technology. Paul Komba Pessima is a senior at the Koidu secondary school majoring pure Science subject like further maths, general moths, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, agriculture and economics. Uncouthly his line of interest is to become an engineer, to help promote just mining policies.

Paul is the assistance youth representative of iEARN Sierra Leone pilot project in Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district. In 2005 he was trained in soft were application programs during iEARN, s yearly summer school programs. He was also part of the organizing comedy responsible for planning and implementation of iEARN Kono’s outreach project. To his credit iEARN saw a successful outreach project, debate among schools, musical performance, dreamer, radio discursion and the certification of youth participant. In 2006 he attended the UFPA sponsored State of world’s population titled ‘moving young’. He also attended a Government and other donors supported program Youth parliament titled ‘Reproductive health of the young’ in 2007.

Paul’s unrelenting portions for the blood diamond town in Eastern Sierra Leone Kono district, is quite cleat in his vision to see many child miners and motherless street children leave a life of toil and hardship to engaging in educational programs to give them hope that all is not lost.> Paul’s hobbies include interest in technology, watching fusion, surfing the internet, dreamer and writing poems. For issues relating to street children, child miners, STIs, and the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Thanks for taking your time.