Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DROUP OUT OF SCHOOL, POVERTY CAUSES A LOT OF UNWANTED PREGNACY. MY NAME IS PAUL KOMBA PESSIMA STUDENT OF IEARN SIERRA LEONE KONO BRANCH. A lot of school girls has fall victim of unwanted pregnancy due to poverty. most of the school girls has engage them selves in prostitution in other to provide them money to solve their basic needs. Most of them lost their parents during the ten years brutal sensless civil war. Some of them lost their care taker othes lost their jobs, so now unable to take care of them and their family. Most of them lost their bread winners of the family. So now most of the children are the bread winners of their family. So because of all this most of them engage them selves in prostitution in other to sustain their family and this is commonly practice here in kono because there is only two organization that engage up to 300 people in job in the whole district these are the bike renters association that is running motor bike as transportation (okada man) and the Diamond mining companies. This is the reason why people are afraid to protest against the companies. People are forced to accept the company that is only seeking their own intrest not the enveronmental probleams. Because it provide job for some of some youth in the district. The youth tried to protest against the company and they were sent to prison. The entire chief has no voice because agreement is made by only the center government and do not seek the intrest of it citizen. A lot of other problems affecting youth causing girls to become pregnated and some are force to marriage to rich man in other for the man to help them. Would the future of the youth be spoilt because of poverty? Who next will be a lamp to lead kono from the dark and make his people smile? I am afraid the future of the youth is at stake. The country is growing a lot of uneducated youth. And youth are afraid to do HIV/AIDs test because they suspected them selves to be positive. Sexual transmitted deases are commonly spread within people in kono district and no proper care for them, so the risk of HIV/AIDs is high. Who will lead kono tomorrow if the youth are uneducated?

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